Speedtec 405S & Speedtec 505S

Best MIG Welding Machines in Qatar

GCM – Welding Division, an authorized distributor of Lincoln Electric, is a leading supplier of the best MIG welding machines in Qatar. The Speedtec MIG welding machines utilize the very latest power source technology for efficiency and lower energy consumption. Their advanced Inverter technology will save both time as well as energy.

Speedtec® 405S & Speedtec® 505S

High output, reliable industrial machine

The Speedtec range is the solution for Industrial Multi-process applications. With a modular and compact design, this welding set is easy to move around the site. Transport is trouble-free thanks to the lower weight of this new design. With the latest high-frequency inverter technology, the arc is precisely controlled, many times faster than conventional analogue power sources. The electrical characteristics of the welding power can be changed by software in real-time updates. A wide range of synergic programs is available as standard allowing simple yet precise control of welding parameters for the best results every time.


 MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, Lift TIG & Gouging



  • Premium welding behaviour on CV MIG & Stick welding.
  • Variable inductance control.
  • Synergic capability.
  • Job control with limits secured by a password (PF46).
  • Continuous control of wire feed speed and voltage.
  • Remote control on the gun (PF46 & optional for PF44).
  • Pre-setting (PF40 excl.) & Multi procedure (PF46).

Technical Specifications

Speedtec® 405S

Primary voltage – 400V/3 phase, 50/60 Hz

Current range – 20A-400A

Rated Output – 400V/3Ph, 400A/34V/80% 32A

Speedtec® 505S

Primary voltage – 400V/3 phase, 50/60 Hz

Current range – 20A-500A

Rated Output – 400V/3Ph, 500A/34V/60% 32A

Technical Specifications of wire feeder

PF-40, PF-42, PF-44 & PF-46

Drive Roll – 4

Output power – 500A@60%

WFS Range – 1.0-22 (m/min)

Wire Size Range (mm)

Solid- 0.8- 1.6

Cored- 1.0-1.6

Warranty- 3 years


best MIG welding machines in Qatar

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