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Reptech Cast 1

Product Description

  • Ni-electrode for repair welding of lamellar cast iron, malleable cast iron and cast iron to steel
  • Produces a soft malleable weld deposit
  • Hardness weld deposit ~ 175 HB
  • Preferable welding on DC-, gives pulsed arc welding, deep penetration, smooth surface, no lack of fusion
  • Welding on AC, lowest heat input, important at filling
  • Best choice for multilayer welding


AWS A5.15 ENi-CI
ISO 1071 E C Ni-Cl

NiCro 70/19

Product Description

  • Fully basic NiCr alloyed all position electrode
  • For welding high Ni alloyed material such as Alloy 600 and Alloy 601
  • Also applicable for welding dissimilar joints and for CMn- and low alloy clad steel
  • High resistance to oxidation at high temperature
  • High impact values at low temperature (-196°C)


AWS A5.15 ENiCrFe-2*
ISO 14172 E Ni 6082 (NiCr20Mn3Nb)
A-Nr – Mat-Nr 2.4648
F-Nr 43
9606 FM 6

Tech-ROD 55

Key Features

  • The welds are moderately hard and required carbide tipped tools for machining
  • A preheat and inter-pass temperature of not less than 350°F is required during welding to prevent cracking
  • Q2 Lot® – certificates showing actual deposit composition available online


AWS A5.15/A5.15M: R2006 ENiFe-Cl
UNS W82002
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