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Best Aluminum TIG Welding machines in Qatar

GCM – Welding Division, an authorized distributor of Lincoln Electric, is a leading provider of the best Aluminum TIG Welding machines in Qatar. ASPECT 300 AC DC is one of the products we offer in Qatar with very Advanced Technology and high performed Aluminum TIG Welding machine.


Quality weld is always important. In some industries and applications, lives may even depend on it. If this is the challenge you face every day, choose a TIG welding machine that meets the demanding quality standards of the aerospace, motorsports, shipbuilding, education and fabrication industries.

The Aspect® 375 is the perfect choice for mission critical welds, especially on applications that must stand up to the most rigorous testing requirements.


Stick, TIG


Aerospace, Motorsports, Shipbuilding, Education, Fabrication

Technical Specification

ASPECT 375 AC DC, Ready pack

Part no- K3946-2

Primary Voltage- 1 & 3 Phase ,200-600/50/60 (50-60Hz)

Output Range- 3 Phase: 2-375A and 1 Phase: 2-250A

Rated Output/ Duty Cycle

3 Phase

GTAW 350A/24/30%

GTAW 250A/20/100%

SMAW 350A/34/30%

SMAW 250A/30/100%

1 Phase

GTAW 240A/19.6/30%

GTAW 180A/17.2/100%

SMAW 240A/29.6/30%

SMAW 180A/27.2/100%

Warranty- 3 years

Aluminum TIG Welding machines in Qatar



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