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Best MIG Welding Machine in Qatar

GCM – Welding Division, an authorized distributor of Lincoln Electric, is a leading provider of the best MIG I STT (Root Pass) Welding machine in Qatar. Pipefab The Ideal Setup for Pipe & Vessel Fabrication.


From concept to reality, the PIPEFAB™ welding system was developed for one purpose – to deliver the ideal setup for pipe and vessel fabrication. From machine design to arc performance, no detail was overlooked in delivering a complete, customer-driven system that lets your shop focus on what matters most – making high-quality root-to-cap welds, faster and easier.


Stick, TIG (HF & Lift TIG), MIG, STT MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux cored


Pipe & Vessel, Process Pipe

Fine-Tuned Performance for Pipe & Vessel

STT® – Better Than Ever

Up to 55% Increase in Root pass productivity

Our patented STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) process was the original open-root MIG (modified short-circuit) solution to hit the market. After decades of leading the industry, we’ve taken the performance of this iconic process to the next level – making it better than ever.

  • Breakthrough travel speeds
  • Industry-leading arc stability
  • No sense lead

Smart Pulse™ – Pulse Tailored for Pipe

Smart Pulse™ delivers an innovative solution for pulse welding simplicity and performance. Utilizing Waveform Control Technology®, Smart Pulse™ monitors your machine settings and automatically tailors the pulse to deliver the ideal arc for your pipe welding needs.

  • Set a low WFS for out-of-position pipe welding – Smart Pulse™ auto-adjusts for a narrow, focused arc
  • Set a high WFS for 1G pipe welding – Smart Pulse™ auto-adjusts for a wide, soft arc
  • Less time adjusting means more time welding

Processes Optimized for Your Needs

The PIPEFAB™ system comes fully loaded with weld modes optimized specifically for pipe and vessel fabrication. All processes – Stick, MIG, TIG and FCAW – have been fine-tuned for maximum performance with the industry’s common, filler metal, wire diameters and gas mixtures.

  • Stick modes optimized for cellulosic and low hydrogen electrodes
  • MIG modes optimized for 0.035 in. & 0.045 in. steel, stainless steel and metal-cored
  • MIG modes optimized for simplicity (Smart Pulse™) and fume management (Low Fume Pulse™)
  • Flux-cored modes optimized for 0.045 in., 0.052 in., 1/16 in

Technical Specification

PIPEFAB™ Ready-Pak

Part no – K3734-1

Input – 3 phase, 50/60 Hz

Output Range – 5-400A

Input Power – 53/46/26/24/19

Rated Output Current/Voltage/ Duty Cycle

STICK: 55 – 400A / 36V @ 100%

MIG: 40 – 400A / 26V @ 100%

FLUX-CORE: 40 – 400A / 26V @ 100%

TIG: 5 – 400A / 26 V @ 100%

Warranty – 3 years

Welding machine in Qatar


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